AC TALK APR 2021 1The Power of Kingdom Community

In this unusual time we find ourselves in, we realise the importance of Kingdom Community as part of God’s plan and strategy to deal with the effects of uncertainty, loneliness, loss and lack that has led to tremendous anxiety.

During this period of COVID-19, we’ve heard amazing stories of people that were cared for, comforted, supported, counselled, provided for both financially and with basic needs such as food because they BELONG to a community.

We also heard of people that experienced a tremendous sense of LONELINESS without any ENCOURAGEMENT and FRIENDSHIP. People that experienced LOSS without COMFORT and SUPPORT. People that experienced LACK without any SUPPLY or PROVISION due to not BELONGING and CONNECTING in a caring COMMUNITY.

As believers, we know that we've been created for community, made in the image and likeness of a God, who Himself is a community. God created us out of community, to form a community and to be blessed in community. He did not intend for us to live in isolation and autonomy but created us to thrive in two essential communities: a loving, dependent, worshipful community with Him and a loving, interdependent serving community with one another. The other forms of community flow from these two essential expressions and involve people of different walks of life, different faiths, churches and businesses.

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