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Dear Friends,

What a joy to welcome you to the COTN Leadershift conference again at Oakhill, Durbanville. Like all the other times at Leadershift, we trust that this will be yet another time of growth, encouragement and friendship.

The theme is “From Glory to Glory”, growing in maturity as a leader. We live in a time where mature Kingdom leadership is essential. It is the day of the Kingdom and there must be mature men and women to lead Gods’ people with humility and confidence. There are so many challenges and questions in the hearts of people in all spheres of society, and they are looking for mature leaders to direct them in the Kingdom and to the King.

In Corinthians Paul writes that we are changed through beholding Jesus, not by doing anything. May we behold Him together at this time, become more like Him and then lead more like Him.

We, as Apostolic Council trust with you for your breakthrough and encounters that will lead to surprises suddenly and supernaturally! May you experience a shift in the spirit.

Advancing His Kingdom

louis els
(on behalf of the COTN Apostolic Council)


Download Conference Info PDF here or see below for details.


Conference Dates

 14 – 17 April 2016


Oakhill Church, 64 Verdi Boulevard, Sonstraal Heights
Durbanville, Cape Town

GPS Latitude: -33.842516 | Longitude: 18.678946


R350 per person

Registrations & Payment

Registrations and payment will be done online at:

Registrations will close the 4 April 2016. If you experience any difficulties with your registration or payment please contact Franita Knudsen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


14 April Thursday   18h00 – 19h00   Registrations    
    19h00 – 21h30   Speaker/s   Delegates only
15 April Friday   08h30 – 12h00   Speaker/s   Delegates only
    19h30 – 21h30   Speaker/s   Open
16 April Saturday   09h00 – 13h00   Speaker/s   Delegates only
    19h30 – 21h30   Speaker/s   Open
17 April Sunday   09h00 – 10h30   Speaker/s   Open


A limited amount of accommodation is available with members of Oakhill on a first come first serve basis and then there are plenty of B&B’s and hotels in the area.

Host Homes
You can request a host home when registering online.

Local Accommodation

Food & Refreshments

Tea, coffee and light snacks will be offered before sessions and during breaks. There are a number of places to eat within close proximity to Oakhill.


Uber – To register you can go to <> or download the app from your App Store.

Babies & Toddlers

Both a baby and a toddler’s room will be available.

However, there will be no supervision, so parents will have to look after their own children. All rooms will have a live video feed.

Contact Person

Please direct all conference queries to Franita Knudsen. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Oakhill Church +27 21 9792803

Download this file (LEADERSHIFT_schedule.pdf)LEADERSHIFT_schedule.pdf[ ]352 kB