God's Heart for Marriage

God has created the family to be the foundational structure and instrument for blessing in the church, community and nation. However our day-to-day lives are strongly influenced by circumstances that exert pressures resulting in weariness, tension and division.

Whatever state our marriages are in, we all desire deeper intimacy, joy and fulfilment. This course will release a "fresh anointing" to heal, restore and empower your marriage.

Strengthen Your Family

The greatest "gift" we can give our children is a happy, God-centred marriage and stable family environment. The investment of these few hours of your time could make a radical difference in your marriage and family life.

This course will help you to:

  1. Establish godly order and government in your family.
  2. Release God's blessing in your family.
  3. Release your destiny and leadership potential.

Course Content

Topics covered include:

  • God's Heart and Purpose for Marriage
  • Keys to Intimacy with God and one another
  • Roles of Husband and Wife
  • God's Order and Government in the Family
  • Prayer
  • Covenant
  • Mercy and Forgiveness
  • Practical Ways to Communicate Love
  • The highlight is the Covenant Renewal Ceremony on Sunday.