cotnbookthumbThe COTN Values and Procedures Manual is an overview of the outworking of the Church of the Nations Family in our society today. This manual outlines the history, the vision, heart and structure of COTN.

This booklet is available for download as E-Book or can be printed for distribution in a local church.

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God's Heart for Marriage

God has created the family to be the foundational structure and instrument for blessing in the church, community and nation. However our day-to-day lives are strongly influenced by circumstances that exert pressures resulting in weariness, tension and division.


Getting married is probably one of the most significant things a person does in one's life. However, while years of study are spent educating ourselves for a career, little or no time is invested in getting equipped for marriage and raising a family.

positioned for blessing

This course will help to clarify and restore your identity and destiny in God, which has so often been robbed through a lack of blessing from parents, generational bondages, curses and undesirable life patterns.

We can experience freedom and blessing -it's our birthright!!!!