familyworksA parenting training resource by Dr. John Scholtz

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This 12-part series introduces and explores the Bible’s teaching regarding the Kingdom of Heaven. There is probably not a more comprehensive theme in the Bible than this.“Both John the Baptist and Jesus promoted and taught the message of the Kingdom.

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The prophets and scriptures speak of Jesus as He “whom heaven must receive until the times of restoration of all things.” Could it be that we are approaching the completion of this mystical process? In this synopsis of church history, Tony Fitzgerald explores the promises that were made to the church regarding the return of Christ.

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Every government has certain essential foundations. One of them is economic. The kingdom of heaven is no different. In 13 sessions Tony Fitzgerald provides a thorough biblical overview of finances.

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Our God is a supernatural Being. As Jesus grew into manhood, He consistently demonstrated the supernatural power of God in the most “natural” ways.