shaken yet stirr 4f59aeba1a605 90x90A personally recorded, step-by-step journey of one broken woman’s return to the Father heart of God. It records how she discovered selfworth, dignity and a full understanding of her personal value in Christ, being liberated to be herself, a reflection of her Father and no longer having an Orphan Heart.

by Dee Harris

This is a study on the Fear of the Lord, including what it is and what it is not, how to grow in it and the ensuing amazing rewards.

I’m Just Highly Motivated Not To Do Anything!

There are at times areas in our lives where we are passive, lazy or have fallen asleep. The aim of this book is to get us moving from passivity to discipline and diligence, by God’s grace.


Jim McNally (Author), Tony Fitzgerald (Contributor)

When God chose to reveal Himself as a father to mankind, He didn't send a father, He sent a son.

625979by David Cape & Tommy Tenney

One man has ignited the hearts of hundreds of thousands through his best-selling books. The other has touched the hearts of hundreds of thousands by washing the feet of men and women around the world.