"Judgement, born out of hurt, shame, resentment and unforgiveness is destroying lives, marriages, families, churches, business and even nations.

No-one can flourish in an environment of division. God’s mercy has the power to heal relationships and transform your life. Thousands of people have been given new hope and joy through the Power of the river of God’s Mercy shared in this book. It is time to unlock God’s blessing for you and your world.”

Thousands of people who have attended Family Transformation seminars have been given new hope and joy through the power of mercy shared in this book.

Turn the key and enter into victory over judgement, shame and pain.


• Be Merciful

• Unforgiveness Imprisons

• Reasons why we Judge

• Symptoms of being Judgemental

• What is true Forgiveness

• The Divine Flow

• Mercy in Everyday Life

• The River of Mercy

•Let the River Flow