AC TALK DEC 21 1This Christmas let us press in afresh to His Presence

There have been many stories of sad losses and huge difficulties over the past years as we all faced different consequences of the fallout in the world.

As if Covid was not enough, the world is facing wars and rumours of wars and not in my memory has there been a time of such instability, infighting and division in governments and nations.

Of all these things we have been warned and no doubt it is time to look up and read the times.

I can remember back in the nineteen seventies and eighties how the arrival of the “Day of the Lord” was announced with great confidence and the date would come and go. It seems there is still no shortage of predictions as to when He will return, despite Jesus saying that only the Father knew when it would be.

All we can say, is that it is closer now than ever before!

I don’t think further thoughts of escapism are going to bring peace to our souls, nor another favourite end time theory, of which there are many.

I am fully persuaded that this Christmas, we have all we need in order to know His peace that passes understanding and for us to already live in His presence, which we also...

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