AC TALK DEC 21 1Is this the end, or is it the beginning, or is it the beginning of the end?

As I write this paper, the bombardment of Ukraine continues, Covid 19 still spreads across the earth as, only a couple of weeks ago, the death toll reached the 6 million mark globally. Financial instability and growing inflation in many countries continues to cause great concern for many. As a COTN family we have known loss and heartache through the above and we surround those who are grieving
and facing difficult times. We pray that you will know the Father’s love, comfort and provision.  These things can lead to many questions, far too many to answer here, but I trust that these thoughts that we have shared over the last few years, will encourage and give us some focus, as we diligently serve in the advancement of our king’s kingdom on earth.

When I began to share a few years ago that we were entering into a time of seismic shift, I don’t think I fully realized what that was going to mean. I believe it started for me when, for a few years, Marilyn and I visited a German town called Magdeburg, to share with a community of believers there. Magdeburg is about an hour’s drive from Wittenberg, the birthplace of the Protestant Reformation that took place in 1518. In 2018, a few weeks before the 500-year anniversary, I had the privilege of visiting there and was quite moved by the thought of how huge a shift can happen on earth, through a simple beginning, of a young Catholic priest Martin Luther receiving a revelation from God, that the just shall live by faith; that salvation was not obtained by works or religious activity, but by simple trust in the grace of God. A seismic shift took place that radically changed the religious and political landscape of Europe and onto the world.

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