Easter 2020 is upon us and our thoughts naturally turn towards the familiar events that we celebrate in the next few weeks.

Different Christian traditions have their own way of celebrating, but the absolute facts that we all acknowledge at this time, are beyond dispute.

At the very heart of our reflection is the sacrificial death and triumphant resurrection of Jesus, both equally essential elements of the Gospel and critical to our faith. If there is no Cross, there can be no forgiveness of sin, and if there is no Empty Tomb, there can be no promise of eternal life, victory over death or freedom from sin and the kingdom of this world triumphs. All of these are very good reasons to celebrate at this time of the year indeed.

With our attention being drawn so forcibly to the Cross, it is worth remembering that there is huge symbolic value attached to Jesus’ death on the wooden structure that was central to the penal code of the Romans at the time He lived on earth. Jesus’ dying on the Cross is immense in what it means for me Personally, that I have a way to be reconciled with and restored to the Father, to understand and experience what it means to be loved unconditionally, receive His grace and mercy and to be declared righteous, all things that I could never achieve outside of Jesus taking my place as the Lamb of God.

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