AC TALK MAR 2019 1Bearers of Hope

Einstein’s contention that “The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them” seems to be particularly appropriate to today.

Imagining that we can fix the set of global problems we have created by our own hand, by using the same wisdom or methods that got us into this place initially, is folly of the highest order.

The recently completed World Economic Forum meetings in Switzerland, led with a “World of Worry” Index and the great minds gathered there from the spheres of business, politics, finance, social enterprise and so forth, were all very pessimistic and gloomy about how to avoid a recession and how to turn around economies. In fact, some of the more powerful government leaders were absent from these meetings precisely because their own domestic agendas and problems kept them home, in an attempt to bring order and stability to their nations. Predictably, the smaller pool of the “haves” was challenged by the massive pool of the “have nots” and the gap between the two does not seem to narrow from one year to the next, if this annual event is used as a measure of progress or decline.

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