AC TALK sept 2018It is almost a year since the prophetic word of acceleration was given at the London meeting of the AC in September last year.

In this edition of AC Talk I want to share some thoughts that have come out of the experience of the last year of living in the challenge and expectation of the unfolding of the word.

To start, there is the realisation that the word came, not with commands and demands that needed to be blindly obeyed, but rather as an outpouring of “the heart of GOD” for Kingdom advancement. It reveals a wave of His love that is and will continue to be released worldwide. In order to respond to this word, we need to understand that the direction and power for it's outworking will come from the “heart of GOD," and not from smart plans and ideas. So purposefully drawing near to the heart of GOD is our first and ongoing need. Dallas Willard succinctly captures this truth:-"In our Christian walk, our MAIN FOCUS should be building a personal relationship with GOD and a lesser focus on individual actions and decisions.”

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