AC TALK DEC 2018 1Oh little town of still we see the lie

As we were ushered into the heavily paneled office, I thought of what had transpired not long before this moment. We had tripped along and navigated our way down the narrow, winding uneven cobbled streets of this ancient little town. My mind was a kaleidoscope, attempting to grasp where I was and all that had gone on here for centuries before. I was fascinated and in awe as we were led by our astute friend and interpreter, Fadi. He was a resident of this fascinating village and navigated its little back streets with a rhythm and familiarity, as I’m sure many had done for thousands of years before him.

After all, could these not have been the same streets Boaz and Ruth had walked along, or maybe even where Abraham and Isaac had come from Hebron, not too far away to lay in supplies. Yes, we were in Bethlehem of Judea. This amazing little village with such a rich history spanning the ages. Was this too not the place where the angels appeared and declared, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth
Peace and Goodwill toward men.”

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