time of acceleration smDear COTN family,

This is a wonderful moment in time as we stand on the threshold of 2018.

As you will all be aware, in September last year we celebrated Church of the Nations 40th anniversary. It was wonderful to reflect where we had come from and how we have journeyed over the past biblical generation.

Today I’m announcing an exciting new development which we as a COTN family are about to embark on for the first time in our history. As such, we as the COTN family will be embracing a common theme for the year. The theme is entitled “ACCELERATION”. The word acceleration is defined as an act of progress of ‘speeding up increase’.

We are trusting that the Lord will ACCELERATE us as a kingdom expression in all its facets in a supernatural way beyond all that we have encountered, even beyond what has transpired over the past 40 years.

We believe that this is a fresh revelationary word, which the Lord laid on Louis’ heart and has given us as an Apostolic Council to lead the entire ministry in over
this coming season.

With much expectation for the King and His Kingdom.

In Him,

Tony Fitzgerald

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