DAYOFPRAYER2017 THUMBNAILDear Senior Pastors/Lead Elders and Prayer coordinators,

We are all aware that when we are in tune with the Holy Spirit that the Lord speaks to His entire bride throughout the earth. Hopefully it will be no different again this time, when in hindsight we reflect on our annual Prayer Day theme which focuses solely on JESUS. We are expectant as to what might transpire and I urge you to continue to prepare the hearts of your people toward 10 September. Below, you will find attached our Prayer Pointers for this year. I trust you will find them useful and helpful. These are merely guidelines, please feel free to use as much or as little as you prefer.

Bless you,

David Cape
For the COTN Apostolic Council

Download the prayer points below, or visit here to download all available info for the Prayer Day.