malawiWe have  managed to pass on to Lloyd Chizenga the full amount required for the purchase and delivery of 2 tons of maize seed - that transfer of funds happened yesterday. [Cluster churches are contributing to this need.] The urgency is because the flood waters are receding and the now replacement crops need to be planted in the wet soil because their rainy season is all but over - so they need to plant very soon - also there will now be a great demand for seed and as this is not the usual planting season, seed will probably become scarce.



Lloyd has arranged a delivery schedule to the two worst affected areas - East Bank and Nsanje district - we have arranged multiple drop off points in different villages so that no one will have to travel far to get seed - road repairs are underway and so we trust that deliveries can be made next week.

In the context of the whole, this is a small, but it will be a vital need to those whose only means of livelihood is the crops they grow.

I have [attached] the latest report on the flood situation issued by Doctors Without Borders - they are on the ground in the worst affected areas of East Bank and Nsanje, where we have many COTN Churches.

Thanks for your support in this crisis,