malawiA Note from Ken Turner of the Apostolic Council on the situation in Malawi

Also see an excerpt from one of the initial news reports attached below.

 You have probably seen on TV the news of flooding in Malawi and Mozambique.

Since last week, further information on the flooding has become available as a result of a helicopter survey of the affected areas. This is Malawi's worst natural disaster ever.

The result shows that the devastation is far worse than initially thought. The death toll has risen and will continue to rise. Infrastructure has been destroyed over a huge area, so when the flood waters do subside there are huge problems getting aid to the estimated 200,000 people marooned by the floods. The danger of malaria and waterborne disease is very high given the rural nature and lack of sanitation. Dwellings, food and livestock have been washed away.

We have 30 or more COTN churches in the two worst affected areas and many more in other badly affected areas.

This letter is a request that you urgently pass on this information to the churches in your Clusters with a request that we pray for the people of Southern Malawi.



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