Kingdom Theology Education and Training

As of 2014 (the last quarter), a strategic collaboration between two international networks of churches begins, namely Church of the Nations and Vineyard Institute, the global education and training system for Vineyard churches worldwide.

Here are some significant points about this collaboration.

u For over 20 years, both COTN and Vineyard have viewed themselves as being based on the kingdom of God, the primary mission and message of Jesus. This theology is bigger than any one of these movements, but is not universally apparent in evangelical and charismatic churches worldwide.We therefore share in a fairly new and growing phenomenon in the wider body of Christ.

u There are already other networks of churches collaborating with Vineyard Institute for the same reason and a further UK based network is considering this possibility.

u Both associations of churches are of a similar age, having arisen in the late 20th Century as missions orientated church planting movements. Because our theological base is the same, we share similar values in a number of ways.

u The system of distinct online campuses VI has developed makes it possible for Church of the Nations to eventually have its own customized campus, and for course content to be developed by Church of the Nations teachers. This is not where we will begin at first, but it is a likely future development.

u The entire VI curriculum is structures around the theology of the kingdom.

u The teachers of VI courses are both academically and practically qualified, generally with doctoral qualifications and years of ministry and service in planting and leading local churches.

For more information, view/open the following resources.

u A 2 minutes video presentation

u A 30 minutes presentation (voice over Power Point slides)

u Download the Power Point slides w/ voiceover here

u Samples of course Descriptor/Syllabus files