Explaining the Economics of God's Kingdom
Authored by Mike Davies

Mike Davies is part of the Church of the Nations family. He is a Christian speaker and pastor. His messages are filled with humour, entertainment and biblical content.

He uses real life examples in his presentations by sharing his experiences as a church leader, speaker, and local politician. He delivers uncompromising truth as he travels internationally. Mike has worked for international accountancy firms and investment companies prior to setting up his own accountancy business which he later closed. Mike now travels internationally speaking at colleges, conferences, and delivering challenging words of healing and restoration and making finances supernatural.

Mike enjoys living in Okehampton (Devon, UK) with his wife, Justine, and young son Joshua. As well as being a church pastor he has oversight of several other churches.

His new book 'The Generous Heart' is now available.

We are living at a time in history when the nations of the world are gripped by debt and poverty. The problems of the nations and their governments have been replicated through to their inhabitants. The world is in crisis! The Bible instructs that God gives the ability to produce wealth. If this is the case then you can assume that God gives a pattern for how it is to be produced and then spent. The Generous Heart looks at a biblical pattern of how to provide a generational financial blessing. Looking at both historical and modern day examples of individual and corporate concerns. The book looks at basic Jewish principles and looks to see what would happen if these principles were adopted by Christians and those of no-faith. The book has been endorsed by leading Christian leaders including: Tony Fitzgerald (COTN Richmond, USA); Dr Clem Ferris (Grace Churches International, North Carolina, USA); Michael Puffett (Jubilee Church, Maidstone, UK); Ken Turner (El Shaddai, Cape Town, South Africa); Chris Cole (Founder of Cross Rhythms Radio); Michael Myers (The River Church, Exeter, UK).

The book is an easy read and includes examples from the authors of life.

The book is available at Createspace: