insideoutPlymouth is a city based in the south-west of England and known mainly for its sending out of maritime pioneers and it home for the Royal Navy. The Pilgrim Father’s left Plymouth and set sail for the Americas, Sir Francis Drake defeated the Spanish Armada, Darwin sailed to the Galopagos Islands, and many more. The city was totally blitz in the World War II and now prides itself as a newly developed seafront destination with fine shops and restaurants.
October 2009 saw the city host the COTN Inside Out conference which was well attended with good representation from England, Belgium, Canada, Holland, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Switzerland, Ukraine, United States, and Wales.
All of the members of the Apostolic Council were in attendance and delivered some challenging words and released an impartation of God that will have changed many lives as well as the city.
The Lord Mayor of Plymouth officially welcomed COTN to the city with the AC members being quests at the Mayor’s Parlour for afternoon tea as well as being privileged to be shown the famous Lady Astor’s diamonds. The large city crest stated ‘Turris fortissimo est nomen Jehovah’ which literally translates ‘The name of the Lord is the strongest tower’.
Gary Streeter, Member of Parliament for Plymouth official launched the conference. Gary has had a long acquaintance with COTN and spoke of a prophetic word that Tony Fitzgerald had spoken over his life many years ago.
The various sessions went out live on Cross Rhythms Radio ( <> ) with various live radio interviews taking place. Local BBC Radio interviewed Tony Fitzgerald and John Scholtz live during the morning drive time programme. 
Worship was provided by the Gilead Foundation worship group with a special appearance on Saturday evening from  Stainless (Jubilee, Maidstone).